SUMMIT for Program Managers

As a program manager for projects related to the creation and sharing of information, SUMMIT provides a framework and software architecture to connect your program to multiple complementary software and tools across the interagency related to and used within the emergency preparedness community. Programs linked to SUMMIT also have the opportunity to be a part of SUMMIT installations and pilot programs in emergency preparedness exercises and planning. The initial deployment of SUMMIT was at the FEMA National Exercise Division and was piloted at various national and regional exercises, including National Level Exercise 2012. Subsequent deployments including at the California Exercise Simulation Center (CESC) are underway. For more information on how SUMMIT was used in National Level Exercise 2011, see the SUMMIT NLE 11 Newsletter (4.6MB PDF) and the SUMMIT NLE 11 Fact Sheet (1.5MB PDF). For more information on how SUMMIT supported FEMA's Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA), see SUMMIT THIRA (6.3MB PDF)

SUMMIT links together existing models and data to create an integrated modeling capability and also distributes SUMMIT repository data over web services to allow other tools to access and leverage this data for emergency management activities. In addition, SUMMIT links together best-in-class data visualization capabilities for this integrated dataset, providing a common operating picture for modeling and simulation (M&S) results.

See SUMMIT for Model Owners for more information.