SUMMIT for Exercise Planners

As an exercise planner, SUMMIT is a software tool that provides modeling and simulation (M&S) capabilities for developing a science-based scenario and injects for your exercise.

SUMMIT links together existing models and data to create an integrated modeling capability. SUMMIT has a library of scenarios for a number of threats, each creating integrated data to support scenario development, inject creation, and evaluation for exercises. For example, SUMMIT has a single scenario which correlates plume modeling to medical effects, infrastructure effects, medical needs, and hospital bed shortfall models. This scenario allows changes in the released plume to automatically be reflected in the other federated modeling capabilities; thus creating an integrated science-based dataset to serve as the basis for an exercise scenario.

With the initial deployments of SUMMIT at the FEMA National Exercise Division, SUMMIT has been piloted at various national and regional exercises, including National Level Exercise 2012.